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TCA Opportunity Portal

Welcome to the TECH CARE ASSOCIATION opportunity portal!

On this page you will be able to explore different opportunities that are available to our members. Click on one of the images below to explore the opportunity and see if it’s a good fit for your business. NOTE: You will need to be logged in as a TCA member to see the opportunity details and get access to the opportunity.

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This is a FREE Program that any member can join!

Get started immediately cutting screen protectors and skins, on-demand for thousands of devices, and add $60,000 to your bottom line for NO UPFRONT COSTS to you*!

Add more revenue to your shop when you add this innovative high quality machine to your business (30-50% increase in net profits). The TCA has worked with Mobile Outfitters to get you this incredible offer. An on-demand solution means you profit first and pay later. Click on the link below to see the details of this offer and find out how you can qualify.

Here’s how it could work for you: Repair 100 devices in a month – Add a MO sale 50% of the time – Make an additional $1,963 OR maybe you do 150 repairs in a month – add a MO sale 50% of the time – Make $3,927 more OR you might do 200 repairs – Add a MO sale 50% of the time – Make $5,890 in a month

This is a great opportunity for you to add revenue to your existing business AND bring in new business.

Check back often for new opportunities for your business!