Why Become a Member?

The tech care industry, which is made up primarily of small business, needs to unite in order to thrive.

Each independent business in the tech care industry is uniquely independent. The Tech Care Association is a uniting force for companies and a bridge to the greater tech industry. Backed by the strength of its membership, TCA gives voice to thousands of companies in tech repair, tech reuse and tech recycle, influencing tech companies and advocating for small businesses. TCA events and webinars bring members together, creating communities that learn network, and form bonds. TCA member resources offer support and solutions for the day-to-day operations of today’s independent tech care companies.

TCA’s core membership consists of businesses that are involved with taking care of technology after the original sale and provide important tech care services to their communities. This includes tech repair shops, who often work out of traditional retail locations, or come to your location. Companies that service or sell refurbished technology and companies involved in tech recycling. That said, any business engaged in the after sale care of tech, including those that sell product and services related to tech care, can apply for membership.

Benefit details and membership categories are below.

TCA’s general membership is made up of businesses who primarily (over 50% of total revenue) provide after sale tech care services (repair, support, reuse & recycle). Businesses with less than 50% of total revenue in tech care are not eligible for membership.

Shop/Store Based Members

Businesses that operate in a retail based shop/store or provide on-demand/mobile services that come to a customers location to perform work. These are almost always smaller repair based businesses (independent or franchise owner) that provide service for a specific geographic region and have ten or fewer locations. Traditional repair shops, repair kiosks, mobile repair services, repair depots (that accept an individual repair), and mail-in repair (that accept an individual repair) are all in this category. These members are eligible to vote on issues of TCA governance.

Industry Partner Members

Larger companies in our industry that either provide products and services to other members, like wholesalers, service providers, equipment manufacturers, support services, recycling, and refurbishers. This category also includes larger tech repair companies that have more than ten locations or are a national operation that operates with franchise locations or independent contractors. These members are eligible to vote on issues of the TCA governance.

Alliance Organization Members

Membership in this category is strictly limited to organizations that are aligned with our goals and are either a not-for-profit organization, education organization, government organization, or a similar organization that is approved for membership in this category. Alliance members are not eligible to vote on issues of TCA governance.

Member Benefit Overview

BENEFIT OVERVIEW Shop/Store Based MembershipIndustry Partner MembershipAlliance Organization Membership
ACCESSOnline portal/Event DiscountsOnline Portal/Event DiscountsOnline Portal/ Event Discounts
PRIMARY BENEFITWhere to Repair DirectoryMarket/Network to MembersFind Partners/Education Opportunities
MARKETINGIncreased Repair BusinessIncreased Industry ExposureVendors/Partners/Staffing
See details of each membership level for exact list of benefits