The Tech Care Association was created to represent those in repair, reuse, and recycling of technology. Every day, we are committed to passionately stand up for the people, policies and ideas that will help this industry thrive.

As the computerization of all things continues the need for tech care is growing at a rapid pace to provide complete solutions (repair, reuse & recycle) for the lifecycle of these products. Our industry is creating new businesses and local jobs every single day. This is an industry built of finding unique solutions to complex problems that our world faces. We love technology and strive to take care of it.

While the industry continues its rapid growth, we are committed to helping it go further.


Companies within the tech care industry have faced numerous familiar challenges from outside of the industry in their fight to prosper and, in the relatively short history of the industry, they have also faced challenges from within their own ranks. A united industry can be much more powerful than one that is divided into petty little tribes or one that is led by individuals that are only focused on their own selfish ambition.

Unifying as an industry can bring about prosperity for everyone. Unity brings strength to fight against common enemies while maintaining a healthy level of competition within the industry. Unity requires strong leadership from an organization that is committed to the long-term success of the industry.

The Tech Care Association seeks to be that unifying force by working with industry leaders across the industry.

As a high growth industry competition has been fierce. One of the biggest mistakes we often make when thinking about business is seeing the other players in our industry only as competition. While it is true that business should be competitive, and at times we work against each other to win customers, it is also valuable to consider the industry as a community.

Communities are often formed based on respect for the shared value of their members. Once any group of people have come together, they have a unique opportunity to collaborate on new ideas, share the experience of successful practices, and look to each other for creative solutions to problems that face us all. It is the capacity for teamwork that gives us all the ability to achieve greatness