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Advancing Opportunities for Companies that Take Care of Tech After its Sold

Those in the Tech Repair, Support, Reuse & Recycling Industries

The Tech Care Association is a non-profit trade association for companies in the tech care industry and is supported mainly by our industry partners, like:

Our industry partners have special opportunities for our members! Please click the link above or visit the TCA opportunity portal to find an opportunity for your business and to support our partners.


No matter what part of the industry you belong — repair, support, reuse, recycle or something related — you need a partner to help you drive growth and achieve success. That’s the Tech Care Association (TCA) — a non-profit membership organization bringing together tech care businesses large and small. Working in collaboration, TCA members are able to strengthen and enhance the overall economic environment for our industry.

Our first priority is your success, and we can make that happen when we work together. TCA is your gateway to networking, professional development, industry connections and government advocacy.

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We Stand Up For The Tech Care Industry

One of our foundational goals is to engage with big tech companies, government agencies and legislators to help expand opportunities for everyone in the industry by advocating for the tech repair, reuse and recycle industry through strong representation, year-round education and impactful storytelling. Addressing complex issues like right to repair, OEM independent repair provider programs, online advertising or selling bans, certifications, refurbishing standards, licensing and tax issues with a clear and authentic voice like no one else can.

Learn how we will work to champion the people and policies that fuel success for tech care professionals.