We know that when tech care people come together good things happen!

Our goal is to partner with various organization in and around the tech care industry as well as host our own TCA events. We want to bring people together in the industry by promoting already successful events that our members might be interested in attending. All while working with these event hosts to bring special discounts to our members.

Networking is defined as the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.


There a few high quality tech care industry events that already exist. The TCA is working with those event organizers now to develop partnerships that will open up these events to TCA members. These partnerships will open these events to more people while we try to add value for our members with discounted admission to the events.

You will see these events listed on our Industry Events Calendar page (under the Events menu) as well as information and reminders in our newsletters. Be sure to visit the events page and subscribe to our newsletters. Our industry partners can add their events to our site for free.

You’ll also see ads for events on our site, like the one below.