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First Things First – Here’s What To Do

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    • Make sure all of your contact info is correct
    • Add additional FREE contacts to your profile if needed
    • Create your Business Card (This is what people will see about you first). Add a logo/picture and a concise 80 character short description to entice someone to click on your profile.
    • Add some images to your Profile Gallery to show off your business and add more interest in your company.
    • Tell your story and attract customers by adding a complete company description in the Profile Description.
    • Add Social Links for all of your social media accounts – if you don’t have them all we recommend creating these accounts now.
    • The Deal section allows you to offer a special deal to the public or to other members. You can add and/or delete deals at any time.
  • Get Involved With An Event Activity NOW! >>>>>LOOK>>>>>
    • Knowledge is power and will lead your business forward.
    • Suggest an event or list your events for everyone to see.
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    • Committees are a great way to network & meet people.
    • Help shape the future of our industry!
  • Do business with members! Association members do business with other association members to help the association grow.
  • Add the TCA logo to your website & your communications efforts. We’ll be sending you a member logo to show off in the coming days.
  • Let everyone know about our WHERE TO REPAIR public directory by sharing the URL http://www.WhereToRepair.org anywhere and everywhere.
  • Encourage others in the industry to join!