It seem like the last two years we’ve seen a lot of tech repair operations convert their shops into one of the major franchises. But is that the right decision for your existing business? The answer is complicated.

On one hand the sales pitch is compelling. You can go from a no name (sorry, but most of you have little to no brand recognition) to part of a major brand. A recognizable brand should help you win more business. You also get access to guidelines and SOPs that can help you improve your business operations. And there’s more…

One of the major franchises promises that “store owners get a blueprint to success.” They go on to list all of the ways they will help you “Grow Your Business”: Brand Awareness, Marketing, Buying Power, Nationals Accounts Program, New Owner/Manage Training, Relationship with Mobile Defenders, and Relationships with Carriers and Manufactures.

Joining a Franchise System Sounds Pretty Good, Right?

There is always two sides of coin my friends and the TCA exists to help you make good decisions about your tech repair business. Sometimes that means we ruffle some feathers or go against the popular crowd. But we will always tell you the truth.

To help you understand your options better and give you more insight on the industry as a whole. Let me introduce you to Shane Mericle who leads the CPRIOA as an example of what a strong trade association can do for business owners like you.

Shane Mericle & CPRIOA

Shane is the founder and driving force behind a large group of CPR owners that is pushing their franchise owner (Assurant) for change. These efforts include a major lawsuit.

He was recently interviewed about the plight of franchise owners and talks about the MANY challenges of owning a franchise business.

If you are thinking about a franchise or you’re just interested in what’s going on this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!

Anyone and everyone in the tech repair industry should watch this video. Shane knows this industry and is a pretty smart dude. His insights into running a tech repair business are valuable for everyone. I’ll warn you the video is almost an hour long but well worth the watch to help you better understand your business!

Look Before You Leap!

I’m not saying joining a franchise is right or wrong for you. But you need to know all of the facts first. Unfortunately there aren’t many people in the industry who are willing to put their necks out to share the truth with you.

Would I join a franchise? No, never! Is it right for some people? Yes, absolutely.

Franchises can help business owners who need some guidance or direction in their business. However, now that uBreakiFix & CPR are owned by multi-billion dollar corporations I might stay clear of them. Smaller franchise systems, like: TechyCellairis, and HAILaGEEK are much better options! Look around too, there are numerous smaller and regional franchise systems that you could join.

Is joining a franchise a silver bullet that will save a struggling business? No, absolutely not! As I have said hundreds of times in the past there is NO SILVER BULLET! If you want to change the status quo in tech repair join us at the TECH CARE ASSOCIATION (TCA) or start another trade association! We need to be better organized or your business and the industry as a whole will go away.

Change is hard work! I admire Shane Mericle and the hard work of the CPRIOA.